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ManyMonths Babyidea- Marketing or reality?

17 August 2018

Today I’d like to tell you a little bit about our experience with wool clothing for children, mainly with ManyMonths Babyidea, the brand focusing on making clothes that grow with the child and can be worn for months, even years.

I was pregnant with Emma and trying to prepare to be a good mother and among the things I learned that time was the fact that we actually can’t prepare to be good parents 😂 and that babies grow out of their clothes in weeks! Well, I was both right and wrong in both cases: being a good mother isn’t a purpose, it’s a journey full of unpredictable things that you may learn from; and babies really do grow out of their clothes fast, except for ManyMonths Babyidea. Also, I have proof and really good arguments for you to start believing that merino wool is the best natural fabric for the cold season (and the warm one too, but there will be another post on that subject).

  1. Clothes really do ‘grow’ with the child, they are not just big from the beginning , so they are very comfortable. For example, their bodysuits are provided with staples so you can adjust the length of the bodysuit to your child and you can completely detached that part too and turn the bodysuit into a t-shirt later. Another advantage is that if there are accidents (we’ve all been there 😅) you can only wash that piece of fabric, not the entire bodysuit. Especially since you don’t have to wash merino wool as often. And we’ved reached point number 2…
  2. Wool is antibacterial and lanolin makes it almost waterproof, so water and dirt doesn’t stick. Of course, keep under purring water it will get wet, but if the child spills something on himself, you can simply shake the water off the bodysuit. Also, if the bodysuit gets dirty soil on, you only have to wait for it to dry and then rub the dirt off. Sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it? Well that’s what I thought too, until I saw it with my own eyes. If we don’t have accidents, I don’t wash the wool for one to two months. I let it breathe and chill outside during the night and that’s about it.
  3. Wool helps with temperature adjustment, so your little one won’t get cold in autumn while wearing a simple bodysuit when other kids ‘need’ a jacket over their top. I usually dress my girls with 3 layers (merino, fleece and boiled wool) only during the coldest days of winter when we are climbing on a snowy mountain. But at the same time, as wool breathes so well and doesn’t retain water, your child won’t sweat during summer (at least that’s our case). When Emma is wearing synthetic clothes during summer she sweats so bad in the car or when she sleeps. That never happened while wearing wool. Next week I’ll explain more about fleece and boiled wool if you never heard the terms before and I will explain how we dress the girls according to the weather, completely evoiding puffy suits – typical for the winter time.
  4. We are too poor to buy cheap things😊 That’s what my mom used to say when I was little and I realize now what she meant and how true it is. Maybe you still think that the price doesn’t justify and you keep comparing wool to synthetic clothing. I used to do the same, believe me. But after experiencing all these things (and many more), when I saw that Emma wore for 2 years the same bodysuit and now Anna is wearing it, I realized what a great investment wool is. Because buying wool is not like buying random clothes, at least for us. It’s an investment very well though. I calculated how many bodysuits a child usually wears until 2 years old and how many times I have to wash them, I calculated how much time and money I would invest in that and compared it to ManyMonths Babyidea bodysuits. If you’re still not convinced, do that yourself and get your own answer. 😊

Those being said, with the proof and details written down, I invite you to test it all out and check the stock and the new A/W ManyMonths collection on the best website for natural fiber clothing for kids and not only in Romania. The lovely people behind HipHip taught me all about warm parenting and a slow living lifestyle, they helped me understand what type of mother I want to be and how to achieve that easier and sooner. And I’m not only talking about children clothing. HipHip helped me understand the benefits of babywearing, the benefits of having and providing my family with a healthy lifestyle, enjoying every day and every minute while respecting mother nature and teaching my kids to do the same.

Still not convinced? More proof is in the way! Stay close!

Fashion Lifestyle

Natural fiber clothing for children, why & where?

30 July 2018

A few years ago, before having children, I never thought of the fiber of the clothing I was buying. I always considered the quality, the price, shape, color and print, but never the fiber. I didn’t even recognized materials, their properties and production details. I never even considered that some materials may seem comfortable and cheap, but they might have a long term damaging effect on the environment and myself. I always thought that silk, linen, etc. were just “excuses” for adding another 0 to the price. I only realized how wrong I was when I got pregnant and took the decision to seek for a better lifestyle for my family’s benefit and my own. I started reading about the effects of the little decisions we make evey day and how we can improve them by trying to live clean, natural and healthy, being less harmful to mother nature, appreciating more the things we have on this planet for free and respecting that by respecting the environment.

I started by reading about natural/attachment parenting and felt like it’s what we as parents want for our children. I discovered parenting methods like Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, etc. and we took from them things that suited our family. We then got to development books, it’s stages and how we can answer to our children’s needs, step by step. I started getting deeper and read about breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, babywearing and finally, all surrounding objects, including the clothes we wear.

I can still remember the first order of wool clothing I made for Emma in her first autumn season of her life. I spent my entire monthly wage and never regretted it. Usually, when you buy clothes for babies, they grow out of them in like 2 months. Emma wore those wool clothes for 2 years straight and now Anna is wearing them daily. I will tell you all about it in another blog post, so stay tuned for more details and proof that wool is amazing.

Today I want to tell you about some lovely romanian people that make clothes that I just felt in love with. For those of you who know, it’s clear that it’s almost impossible to find pretty wool clothing, they are usually very minimal and plain.  But my friends from MokoFUN are making some of my favorite natural fiber clothes for children with a very modern design and quite diverse: from minimal looking clothes, to pretty details, bows and prints. Plus, their pricing is just amazing!

Emma had a stage where she refused wearing wool clothes because they were too plain, without bows, pockets, etc. So you can imagine the excitement when I showed her the pretty dresses and skirts from MokoFUN!

Because it’s summer and so hot outside, we decided to go for a linen dress for Emma and shorts for Anna, because linen is a material that prevents overheating, it breathes so well, it dries up fast and it’s extremely light and fluid. Anna’s t-shirt is made out of the softest merino wool I ever felt. Yes, wool during the hottest days of summer! Wool it’s one of the best materials for any season, including summer. It prevents sweating, helps with temperature regulation, neutralizes odors and it’s naturally antibacterial. Only good things for your baby’s skin during summer!

And to make sure we’re giving them a good test, we brought them out on the hottest day of summer in The Village Museum in Sibiu, a location specially chosen to celebrate our beautiful country, appreciating what it was back in the day and what it is now, including the wonderful people who bring value to our country and do amazing things that actually make me very proud. These people deserve to be promoted and appreciated every day!

I invite you to see with your own eyes that everything I say is true, so make sure you give MokoFUN a click if you’re curious about what romanian people can do out of natural fibers and you want to support them.

And if you’re in the area, make sure you attend the Creative Buzz Fair in Sibiu around the 17th – 19th of August where you can find them and even me! Maybe we get to bump into each other! 😊

I tested them and they won me. It’s your turn to give them a go!


Carpets & curtains, oriental beauty at your home

26 July 2018

Some people become some sort of bees when they travel. They write about what they encountered at hundreds of miles away from their home, they buy traditional things from those places and bring them back. These people are like bees of civilization who bring home honey for the eyes and the soul. Marco Polo, the famous painter who travelled to Turkey was one of those bees that brought oriental beauty to Europe, not by simply buying carpets, but by painting them, showing the world and making Turkish carpets the symbol of splendor and wealth.

I actually recently met such a bee, the owner of My Home store, who personally brings to Romania from Turkey all kinds of carpets, curtains and more stuff like that. I was fascinated by their beauty when I first caught a glimpse of them. I remembered those history books that I read as a child, I remembered mom’s stories about the symbol of the carpets from the West. I immediately felt in love with the bright colorful ones, especially after discovering how dense and soft they are. Those full of accessories and perfectly arranged curtains made me wish even harder to get to Turkey sooner!

What I enjoyed even more was the fact that beautifully ornated home wear are not the only things that you can find here. I bumped into minimalistic design carpets, floral ones and ones with pale colors, even with geometric shapes, but all having the same high-quality character.

If you need something new and all you want is to change the face of your living room, the simplest way to do that is to change the carpet or/and the curtains. So I gladly announce that My Home has up to 40% off for most of their products now, which is just great!


In my next blog post I will share with you the carpet we got for our kitchen and where we placed it and I can’t wait for your opinion# I’ll also share with you a special recipe and I hope you’ll love it!

You can find My Home at the entrance of Eliana Mall, in Brașov.

For location, program and contact:

Eliana mall – official website

Eliana mall – Facebook page


Healthy, kid-friendly food – Like Home in Brasov

17 July 2018

Oh, how many times I’ve googled “kid-friendly restaurants” when we left town with the kids… Well, now I will no longer google anything when we visit the lovely city of Brasov, because I know we will find healthy, fresh and tasty food at Like Home in Eliana mall.


As soon as I opened the menu I knew that we’ll enjoy the food for sure, including Anna who woke up very hungry from the nap she took in daddy’s arms. It wasn’t the easiest thing to pick something to eat because I’m the type of person who wants to try new things in restaurants, but when I’m hungry I actually want something that will surely satisfy my belly. This time I did both, which almost never happens. I went for Chinese chicken with vegetables and hubby went for the cow’s soup, something very much loved in Romania. Without actually trying, we put the cook for the test with romanian and Chinese cuisine, like real food critics. And what do you know, we weren’t disappointed. We could have gone for the burger, pizza or many other things that will satisfy anybody and I promise that I’ll give them a try next time and let you know how I like them.

I immediately got to the conclusion that the soup was great, as Anna manifested great enthusiasm from the first spoon to the last. I didn’t get to taste it and that says a lot. As for the Chinese children dish , all I can say is that they made it just like I do at home. I love tasty, simple, healthy things and that’s exactly what they delivered. The meat was very well cooked and Anna really enjoyed the lovely taste of fresh vegetables. I gladly let her eat as much as she wanted, as I knew that the food was healthy and so kid-friendly.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was the sugar free juice that you can find there, no additives, no nasty stuff, only fruit. So good for kids! I went for the berry one and I loved it.

As for the desert, there are no words. My trainer would prefer if I ate more food and less sweets, but you can’t go to Like Home without tasting their cake. It’s amazing. Plus, I already ate a huge plate of vegetables, so I regret nothing. I encourage you to try their dessert if you’re not in the mood for eating something else. You won’t regret it, especially when it’s so healthy made. It will make your day, I promise.

To tell the truth, I regret one thing: Emma not being able to enjoy the food with us and have a healthy drink. But that will change, because we’re planning to take her there too, as soon as possible. I’m sure her belly will be so pleased.

You can find The Like Home restaurant in Eliana mall, near the playground. I would love to hear from you if you ever get there.

Also, I thank lady Nina from the Afrodite Salon for the lovely loose curls that she did on me. I felt like a princess on her chair that day!

For location, contact and program:

Eliana mall – official site

Eliana mall – Facebook page


What I’ve found in Eliana Mall…

18 May 2018

Last weekend we decided to go as a family on a work and pleasure trip to one of our favorite cities in our country, Brasov. It started lovely, but after half an hour drive with a toddler and an 8 months old baby on the back seat, we started regretting everything. If you feel like time runs too fast, try taking a 3 hour-drive with 2 kids under 3. I assure you that you’ll be 5 years older when you finally get to your destination.😅 We arrived there tired  and quite sceptical. But as soon as we got in Eliana Mall, we felt like home. We met wonderful people who welcomed us so nicely and helped us so much, making us forget the long, exhausting drive.

Eliana Mall is the first malls opened in Brasov and it provides a store complex with a very enjoyable offer. From elegant to casual clothes, accessories and flowers, a playground and italian products, toys and luxuries, it’s all there. Do you know what makes them so successful in my opinion? It’s not only the products and the great prices, they win their clients with honestly, kindness and warm smiles. They won me, at least. And yes, it’s a small complex, with small local brands, but that’s exactly what drown me to Eliana Mall. If I want to wear a blouse that everybody is wearing, I go to a well-known store in a big mall, but if I want something unique, pretty and at a good price, I find everything I need in Eliana Mall.
Here’s what I found after a short visit:


Mara flower shop

Mara flower shop is not your typical flower shop. It’s Narnia, the flower version. When you enter you don’t want to leave anymore because you find so much more than flowers there. They have arrangements, lamps, decorations, photo frames, toys and a lot of other things.

At Mara flower shop you can find the perfect gift for any age, preferences or occasion. And you can make anyone happy with a flower arrangement and a beautiful card that you can choose from hundreds.



ABM Fashion

It’s wedding season, once again, time for anniversaries and special occasions. ABM Fashion offers amazing outfits for children, from newborns to teenagers. They have options for fancy outfits and daytime, too. Honestly, I got lost between those little dresses (as I have 2 girls at home to dress up all day long). If I had a larger budget, I would have bought 90% of their clothing, mostly because we don’t have such a store in our town. Good thing we left at the right time, or I would have bought a suit for a baby boy, our little Ben… Don’t worry! He’s just in our dreams. Yet.😁



You & Me Fashion

I know what’s like to look for a special dress for an event but avoiding taking a credit from the bank for it. You & Me Fashion has daytime dresses too, but their main focus are dresses for special occasions, for any budget. Plus, you can find dresses with the same print as the ones for girls from ABM Fashion! Yes, that’s right! Done with running around for materials and tailors to have “mommy and me” outfits. You can find so many options in Eliana Mall in Braşov. They are so beautiful and affordable and I encourage you to go see them before they are gone. Plus, you can find long or short dresses, with bling or classic, plain or printed, straight or wide, from the smallest size to the largest.

These are not the only great stores in Eliana Mall, I assure you. For example, Casa Italiana is a store with italian products, from pastas to cheese and wine. If you miss the authentic Italian taste, you don’t have to go to Italy. Just take a trip to Casa Italia and you can bring that Mediterranean cuisine into your kitchen, at home.


There are so many things to love in Eliana Mall and talk about, but I’m going to keep some secrets for now. Plus, I want to brings evidence for what I tell you. So get ready, I have so many lovely things prepared for you…💛


Heart & Soul Lifestyle

What I wish for ?

27 April 2018

What I wish for my birthday?

Happiness? It’s everywhere. In my loved one’s smile, in my husband’s kiss on my forehead, in my children’s soft touch, it’s in the perfume that flowers spread and the wind in my hair, it’s in the green of the grass and the blue of the sky. That’s pure happiness.

Health? Evey morning I can see Anna’s little face light up and I can smell Emma’s curly head. I can walk barefoot through the grass and hold my family tight. I can laugh and I can cry, I can say “thank you” and I can say “I love you”. Oh, I got enough health.

Love? I first saw it 24 years ago, when my mom first hugged me and she flooded me with her love since then. I see it in my husband, every morning when I find my coffee on the kitchen table. I feel it burning inside every time I hold my babies. I surely don’t miss love.

Peace? I have it with me every day since forever. I feel it in every “thank you” I say in my prayers. My peace can’t be taken or given by anyone.

Wealth? Oh, I got so much of it! I just wrote it all down. It’s in my happiness, love and peace. That’s my wealth and I wouldn’t trade it, not even for the world. Because my treasure can’t be stolen, it doesn’t loose it’s value and I could never grow out of it.

That’s the only wealth I need today and all my remaining days on this Earth.


Fashion Lifestyle

Elegant & romantic outfit in the amazing Hilton Hotel

25 April 2018

Do you have a special event coming, a wedding or perhaps a garden party? If all you’re looking for is a classic, romantic, delicate outfit, I have the perfect inspiration for you.

My dress was tailor made a few years ago, but I love this dress so much that I will make another one this summer, different materials and all. It’s so comfortable and this 5 o’clock tea length is my favorite. And when I saw this hat in my favorite hat store here, I knew my dress and this beautiful headwear were made for each other.

My gold stilettos are from Musette and they are a must-have! I’m so glad I have them in my wardrobe, they go with everything, especially because they have a smaller, easy-to-wear heel.

My birdcage? Why I have a birdcage? Well, I wear it so I don’t forget that I’m also a free bird, with a purpose and a destination, one that must not keep herself willingly captive and alone… But jokes and metaphors aside, I adore this birdcage style of bag from Asos. I was looking for something special, not a typical evening bag, something romantic, and here it is. It makes any basic dress look lovely. And it fits so much! Even Emma’s water bottle (which is the biggest thing in my bag basically 😅). Ah, the vibes she brings to my outfit are everything. I may need to call her Susie, as I love her so much.


I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to walk again in the halls of Hilton hotel. We held our wedding here 4 years ago and I’m so emotionally attached to this magical place. I think it was the care and professionalism that we were treated with that made everything so much greater. If I were to go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe I would just take the time to appreciate the services and comfort that Hilton hotels provide. Oh, we will definitely have our golden wedding anniversary here, too.

Thank you again, Hilton hotel, for having me!
















Creative photography – part 2

23 April 2018

(If you need a little fantasy, joy, light and new concept to sweeten your morning coffee and inspire you, here is a piece of my life in small thoughts and photos. I hope you’ll find them acceptable. I got nothing better.😂)

Because spring is upon us, because we are three but we are one, because we love flowers (Anna probably loves them more, as she knows even their taste😅) and pretty dresses, because we are always together and we share good and bad days, because we are healthy, we can move and breathe on our own, because we don’t deserve what we are and what we have, we have no reason to be sad. We need to live in the moment. Because it’s not ours. It’s a precious gift, a resource that we mustn’t scatter.





How much time have you lost this year?

I know I’ve lost a lot. I’ve lost time worrying, complaining, over thinking. I’ve lost time not being in the moment. I’ve lost time hoping for things that were not meant for me. I’ve lost entire nights worrying about little things that weren’t even real. I’ve lost time obsessively cleaning and being stressed about it. I’ve even lost time hurrying, if that makes sense. I’ve lost time by not slowing down and realising that I’m already overly blessed and I need nothing but to hold my loved one’s…

I can never recover that time. All I can do is try to make today count. Not worrying about tomorrow, or crying over yesterday. Being thankful for today and SLOWING DOWN. At the end of it all, it won’t matter what stars I’ve reached, but my journey through the Universe.





And because we can loose time without getting bored…

Today I realised that I really enjoy my time with the kids and I really enjoy my (short🙆) time alone. I don’t get bored anymore and I’m really thankful for that. I think that boredom doesn’t exist after you get to a certain age. You can’t even do all the things you’re planning to, getting bored is out of discussion. I wonder how many abilities do we loose as adults…






“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”

Someone told me today “Look at your child, that poor little girl TRIES to take her coat off ALONE!” I smiled and said “I know and I’m encouraging her to TRY, anytime she wants to.” °

What’s going on with us, adults, doing everything for our children, just because we can do it better and faster, but we complain when kids don’t pick up their toys, or don’t take their shoes off? We need to slow down a little (I’m actually telling this to myself every morning), trust our children and let them try to imitate us, in their own rhythm. Let’s encourage them more and tell them everything they’re doing RIGHT before pointing out all the WRONG things they do. And let’s give them something good to imitate, a happy and thankful person, forgetting the little things and loving life a little more. Let’s help our children, but let’s help them do things alone, if that makes sense. 😊






Climb, little one, climb. ✨

I’m so sad when people ask me why do I “sacrifice” my life for my children. Why do I read so much with Emma, why did I sleep with her, why do I hold her when she asks, why do I cook for her as healthy as possible, why do I stay at home, why, why, why?

I’m not SACRIFICING my life. I’m giving my life the greatest purpose. I can help my child climb the ladder of life and that’s not a sacrifice, it’s a blessing! I’m so HAPPY to be able to guide Emma and Anna in this harsh world and I’m going to be here for them, no matter what. Not because I must sacrifice myself for them, but because I happily give myself to them.

Heart & Soul Lifestyle

Romance in marriage?

5 April 2018

I find myself smiling when people say that romance is gone after the wedding, especially after having kids. Expressed love becomes useless, even impossible when kids are in equation. Well, allow me to disagree.

First of all, I have solid proof in front of my eyes every day. My parents, my in-laws… oh, I wish we could have at least a tiny piece of the wisdom and love that they share in their married life.

Second of all, what’s more romantic than finding every morning without a mistake, a coffee on the kitchen table, exactly how you like to drink it? What’s more romantic than finding your husband at 3 AM, deeply sleeping with a chubby baby on his chest? What’s more romantic than his sweet smile when he walks through the door at night, holding out your favourite takeaway food? What’s more romantic than that 2 words message sent randomly during the day? What’s more romantic than hearing him negotiate with your toddler 10 more minutes for you to sleep in the morning?

I don’t think that romance disappears. I think we just stop seeing it sometimes, because it transforms into something more real, something so much stronger and meaningful. I think that’s real romance. And if you’re telling me that things might change in 10 years, I will gladly say “I hope so!”. I once again look at my parents and I pray that one day we will get to experience their level of romance.

Lifestyle Parenting

Our Montessori approach

6 March 2018

Oh, Maria Montessori, you were such an amazing woman!

When I first started reading her books I felt so much love from her for children, parents and the whole family institution. Her work was amazing and so many people benefit from it nowadays, more than ever. I can’t say we are 100% living in a Montessori type of environment, not at all. If you’re looking for that, there are many families who do adopt a full lifestyle, we just took some elements which suited our home better.

Montessori is all about freedom in moderation and learning to learn (think about that for a second, I did too 😁).  The child’s push for independence is real and so hard to handle at times. One of the simplest phrases that sums up the whole Montessori philosophy (in my opinion) is “help me do it myself”. I experienced that with both of my girls and the first thing I did after acknowledging that my children need independence to learn and be happy, was changing my lifestyle for the better and have patience while living a slow life in their rhythm. It wasn’t easy at first, but I realised it was a good change even for me. I won’t insist on that, I will go straight into the ideas we took from this method that we love. We are experimenting daily with different things but I will only mention the things we do on a regular basis.




1. Having a routine, a well established plan for the day

Children need stability, just like adults do, maybe even more. We all like to return to our home at the end of the day, we like having our things and we don’t change our hobbies and likes everyday. We find comfort in our own bed and we miss it when we’re away. Same with children. They like knowing what comes next and be part of the little decisions, they find comfort in having a schedule. That’s why Emma has a timetable on her door and she knows it by heart. She actually tells me if I forgot something, like brushing her teeth before naptime. #milkbrain 🙈



2. Using any opportunity to learn something new

When Emma was born I realised that I will be starting school again because I want to be able to answer all of her questions. So I needed to learn and know things about the world, first. When Emma learned the word “why?” everything escalated quickly. I now learn so many new things while we do our daily “lessons”. I didn’t want to let her wonder about things without having an answer. So we have many books about everything, that Emma enjoys tremendously. Also, we use Google when we are on the road and I don’t know what a ladybug eats.



3. Toys

We try to keep toys to a minimum and organised. So we have separated baskets for musical instruments, puzzles, Lego and artsy stuff. We have bookshelves all around her room and the books are organised on certain categories, like bedtime stories, school, colouring books, etc. I try teaching Emma who is almost 3 to put back a toy or book before taking another. It’s not easy because she gets caught in an activity and forgets about that and her room looks like a fighting scene sometimes. But I tell her the same thing again and again and she knows the rule. It’s actually a part of her bedtime routine to clean up her room if it’s messy, but she always asks for my help because she says she feels dizzy 😂.


4. Independence starts somewhere

I can’t bear to hear “Let me do it for you, because you’re too little.” Emma doesn’t either. 😅 A baby needs time to learn to crawl and get that toy.  And a child needs time and space to practice things like dressing alone, eating, climbing or putting shoes on. I let Emma try for an hour to unbutton her jacket when we get home and we are not on a hurry. Or I let her know that we need to go somewhere and to get there in time I need to dress her. And while I’m dressing her I keep telling her interesting things about our destination, for her to know and accept the fact that there is a time and space for everything. I respect her wish to learn and I encourage her. If it’s obvious that she can’t do something but she insists, I let her try and try until she asks for my help. But she surprises me everyday with new and improved abilities so I trust her. And she trusts me. The whole idea is to never underestimate your child and don’t let time be your enemy.

I will make a separate post with Montessori inspired activities we do daily and I will stat from 6 months old up to 3 years old, because that’s where we’re at with the girls. 😊

I hope that these little things will inspire you or give you some new ideas to improve your daily life with children at home. But don’t forget, our experience is just an interpreted information. To get a better idea about the Montessori method it’s better to read veracious books on the subject.

Have a slow, happy, productive day!

P.S. These photos were taken a while ago when Emma was about 18 months old and are not to be taken seriously.

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