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9 May 2018

Heart & Soul Parenting

Are you raising your kid different than me? Great, let’s be friends!

9 May 2018

There are no other people on this Earth who criticize and fight more than… us moms. The interesting thing is that, instead of showing more love and compassion towards another, because that’s what we want our kids to see and learn from us, we immediately turn exactly in the type of person we don’t want our kids to become. And yes, I’m using plural because I too am a mother and I’m telling myself this firstly.

How could we ask our kids not to say mean things, when we as adults can’t control ourselves on the phone, when we speak badly about someone else who does things differently?

How could we expect our little ones not to develop an egocentric character, when we can’t accept the fact that a mom found another way to handle this parenting hoopla?

How could we get angry when our kids would do anything to get their way and would step on anyone including us, when we are so full of ourselves and believe that we are parenting experts, criticizing any solution, other than our own?

How could we tell our kids to stop talking badly, when we can’t stop offending other moms?

How could we expect our little ones to be peaceful, when we constantly throw shame and frustration on others?

How could we tell our kids to watch their mouth, if we can’t stop our own?

Why do we run after things that don’t exist? Evey mom is perfect for her own children. There’s no such thing as a perfect recipe or standards. And if there were, is it really worth fighting over it all, just because we do things differently? I’m not talking about extreme cases when a child is treated badly, I’m talking about small differences that create real avalanches between us moms.

We shouldn’t let individualism ruin our relationships and push us far from one another. Now, when we are more exhausted and sensitive than ever, when we all know just how hard this motherhood thing is, let’s drop that judgment shield and embrace the beauty of diversity.

Let’s not hide behind the idea of perfection, let’s just realize that we have things to appreciate and learn from one another.

Are you raising your kid different than me? Great, let’s be friends!