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Barefoot & flowers in my hair…

7 May 2018

When I was little I used to braid my hair with flowers and run barefoot on the grass. I used to climb the blossoming cherry tree in the back of our garden and just lay there on a branch, looking at the blue sky through thousands of white little flowers, with bees buzzing around me. Oh, how wonderful were those childhood springs!

This outfit brings back all those memories, one of the reasons why I love wearing it, reliving the freedom and happiness that I once used to. Sometimes I want my clothes to do more than keep me covered… And that’s not about vanity or shallow personality. I actually have a small amount of clothes, but they bring me satisfaction and they help me transport myself to a whole other world (and moms need that, you know… 😁). Also, this helps me a lot during the dark, difficult days, that any adult experience basically, to remember the really important things in life: peace, joy, thankfulness, even the innocence that I now see in my girls.

In that cherry tree I received a lot of answers to my questions and as I don’t have enough time now to meditate like I used to, sometimes I forget the conclusions that I once reached, and I forget that those conclusions might help me loose useless emotional changing.

And all those things just by wearing a simple custom made skirt, a shirt from H&M, a brooche and a flower crown, both from Sasimo Accessories. The flower crown can be shaped as you want, like I did here: I just gathered my previously curled hair with it, in like 5 minutes. This type of accessories help me look presentable to a wedding or an event, even if I have no time to fancy myself up. More quick and easy hairstyles here, if you need some inspiration.


I monthly organize at least a giveaway on my Facebook page, and for May I’m giving one of you two brooches and a flower crown like this one. The giveaway is still available for you to enter if you would like, it will end on the 10th of May.

Good luck everybody!


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