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Business woman in shorts?

12 July 2018

It’s difficult for some people during summer to dress presentable for work. It’s not easy nor for women nor men. I can see my husband refusing to wear shorts to work, even if he changes his outfit the minute he enters his practice. There’s no law against shorts being worn in his work environment, but he took this decision as a sign of respect for his patients and I very much appreciate that. I don’t appreciate the fact that he’s not wearing shorts on a hot day, I wouldn’t mind if he would, but I appreciate his motivation.



Anyway, a very nice lady asked me if there’s a way for her to wear shorts to work, but in a nice, smart, elegant way, because she works in an office. My first thought was “Shorts? Office? Elegant? That’s a challenge right there!” But obviously I like a good challenge, so I started digging for solutions.

First of all, finding a long pair of shorts (see what I did there?), a structured one that allows me to wear a shirt, wasn’t easy. But one day I bumped into this plaid pair of pants from Zara, that you can find in Sales now. My shirt is also from Zara. Hey, I’m a mom of two who can’t afford walking around in stores all day long. Oh, my bad, I’m actually a business women, trying to read my Forbes magazine before my meeting. 😁 All jokes aside, I actually really recomand Forbes magazine for those people who don’t enjoy reading articles from the phone, while drinking their morning coffee. I’m actually considering coming monthly to this coffeehouse with my Forbes magazine, just to have some me time, and why not, learn some new stuff from the business world.

Talking about my favourite coffeehouse, this is the best, loveliest place in town to get a coffee. I think it’s obvious why I’m in  love with Pardon from Sibiu. The retro design, good books and creamy hot chocolate with walnuts are just a few reasons why I never go somewhere else. Here I feel like home.

Going back to the outfit, I feel like a brooch at the base of the neck is so much nicer in the work environment than, let’s say a necklace. But it depends on your personality, of course. My brooch is from Sassimo Accessories. My gold shoes you already know, they are from Musette and they go with everything! They are so comfortable and on sale, too.

Having these things said, I strongly recommend you to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident, according to your work policy and standards, of course. And yes, I think you can easily add shorts in your work outfits in a nice, elegant and modest manner, just look for the right pieces.


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