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Elegant & romantic outfit in the amazing Hilton Hotel

25 April 2018

Do you have a special event coming, a wedding or perhaps a garden party? If all you’re looking for is a classic, romantic, delicate outfit, I have the perfect inspiration for you.

My dress was tailor made a few years ago, but I love this dress so much that I will make another one this summer, different materials and all. It’s so comfortable and this 5 o’clock tea length is my favorite. And when I saw this hat in my favorite hat store here, I knew my dress and this beautiful headwear were made for each other.

My gold stilettos are from Musette and they are a must-have! I’m so glad I have them in my wardrobe, they go with everything, especially because they have a smaller, easy-to-wear heel.

My birdcage? Why I have a birdcage? Well, I wear it so I don’t forget that I’m also a free bird, with a purpose and a destination, one that must not keep herself willingly captive and alone… But jokes and metaphors aside, I adore this birdcage style of bag from Asos. I was looking for something special, not a typical evening bag, something romantic, and here it is. It makes any basic dress look lovely. And it fits so much! Even Emma’s water bottle (which is the biggest thing in my bag basically 😅). Ah, the vibes she brings to my outfit are everything. I may need to call her Susie, as I love her so much.


I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to walk again in the halls of Hilton hotel. We held our wedding here 4 years ago and I’m so emotionally attached to this magical place. I think it was the care and professionalism that we were treated with that made everything so much greater. If I were to go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe I would just take the time to appreciate the services and comfort that Hilton hotels provide. Oh, we will definitely have our golden wedding anniversary here, too.

Thank you again, Hilton hotel, for having me!















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