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Romance in marriage?

5 April 2018

I find myself smiling when people say that romance is gone after the wedding, especially after having kids. Expressed love becomes useless, even impossible when kids are in equation. Well, allow me to disagree.

First of all, I have solid proof in front of my eyes every day. My parents, my in-laws… oh, I wish we could have at least a tiny piece of the wisdom and love that they share in their married life.

Second of all, what’s more romantic than finding every morning without a mistake, a coffee on the kitchen table, exactly how you like to drink it? What’s more romantic than finding your husband at 3 AM, deeply sleeping with a chubby baby on his chest? What’s more romantic than his sweet smile when he walks through the door at night, holding out your favourite takeaway food? What’s more romantic than that 2 words message sent randomly during the day? What’s more romantic than hearing him negotiate with your toddler 10 more minutes for you to sleep in the morning?

I don’t think that romance disappears. I think we just stop seeing it sometimes, because it transforms into something more real, something so much stronger and meaningful. I think that’s real romance. And if you’re telling me that things might change in 10 years, I will gladly say “I hope so!”. I once again look at my parents and I pray that one day we will get to experience their level of romance.

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