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4 March 2018

I’ve never been a talkative person. I’ve always expressed myself through some kind of art, starting with music, style, home decor, etc. I spent my childhood studying violin 8 hours a day and reading a lot because I didn’t have any friends. People used to think that I am full of myself and that’s why I don’t talk so much. The truth is, I can’t use words better than music to express myself, to put my thoughts out there. That’s what I did all my life. I talked through notes, not letters.

But lately, I’ve started editing photos. First it was a way of disconnecting from the real world. You know, moms need that sometimes. When there were too many diapers and too many chores, after putting the girls to bed, I edited photos I took during the day, or old ones. It was also a way of capturing moments dear to me, a way of keeping feelings alive forever. But then Instagram shared one of my photos and it went crazy from there. Hundreds of messages kept coming in, people asking me to edit photos for them. It was a great idea, so I started to collaborate with some of my favourite brands and I politely declined the others. I love what I’m doing. I did it for myself but now I do it for others and I’m so happy to be able to share my ideas and my mind.

So photography is a way of talking with you guys, my way of telling you what’s on my mind. And even starting a blog is a big part of my struggle to find my words. And I was blessed to use my struggles and do something creative with them.

So what I’m trying to say is that words aren’t everything. And that’s coming from someone who reads a lot. 😅 If you paint, paint. If you sing, sing your heart out. Some may not understand, but the ones who matter do, and the ones who do, matter.





Be true to yourself. Your talent might be of great comfort for someone.

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