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18 May 2018

Last weekend we decided to go as a family on a work and pleasure trip to one of our favorite cities in our country, Brasov. It started lovely, but after half an hour drive with a toddler and an 8 months old baby on the back seat, we started regretting everything. If you feel like time runs too fast, try taking a 3 hour-drive with 2 kids under 3. I assure you that you’ll be 5 years older when you finally get to your destination.😅 We arrived there tired  and quite sceptical. But as soon as we got in Eliana Mall, we felt like home. We met wonderful people who welcomed us so nicely and helped us so much, making us forget the long, exhausting drive.

Eliana Mall is the first malls opened in Brasov and it provides a store complex with a very enjoyable offer. From elegant to casual clothes, accessories and flowers, a playground and italian products, toys and luxuries, it’s all there. Do you know what makes them so successful in my opinion? It’s not only the products and the great prices, they win their clients with honestly, kindness and warm smiles. They won me, at least. And yes, it’s a small complex, with small local brands, but that’s exactly what drown me to Eliana Mall. If I want to wear a blouse that everybody is wearing, I go to a well-known store in a big mall, but if I want something unique, pretty and at a good price, I find everything I need in Eliana Mall.
Here’s what I found after a short visit:


Mara flower shop

Mara flower shop is not your typical flower shop. It’s Narnia, the flower version. When you enter you don’t want to leave anymore because you find so much more than flowers there. They have arrangements, lamps, decorations, photo frames, toys and a lot of other things.

At Mara flower shop you can find the perfect gift for any age, preferences or occasion. And you can make anyone happy with a flower arrangement and a beautiful card that you can choose from hundreds.



ABM Fashion

It’s wedding season, once again, time for anniversaries and special occasions. ABM Fashion offers amazing outfits for children, from newborns to teenagers. They have options for fancy outfits and daytime, too. Honestly, I got lost between those little dresses (as I have 2 girls at home to dress up all day long). If I had a larger budget, I would have bought 90% of their clothing, mostly because we don’t have such a store in our town. Good thing we left at the right time, or I would have bought a suit for a baby boy, our little Ben… Don’t worry! He’s just in our dreams. Yet.😁



You & Me Fashion

I know what’s like to look for a special dress for an event but avoiding taking a credit from the bank for it. You & Me Fashion has daytime dresses too, but their main focus are dresses for special occasions, for any budget. Plus, you can find dresses with the same print as the ones for girls from ABM Fashion! Yes, that’s right! Done with running around for materials and tailors to have “mommy and me” outfits. You can find so many options in Eliana Mall in Braşov. They are so beautiful and affordable and I encourage you to go see them before they are gone. Plus, you can find long or short dresses, with bling or classic, plain or printed, straight or wide, from the smallest size to the largest.

These are not the only great stores in Eliana Mall, I assure you. For example, Casa Italiana is a store with italian products, from pastas to cheese and wine. If you miss the authentic Italian taste, you don’t have to go to Italy. Just take a trip to Casa Italia and you can bring that Mediterranean cuisine into your kitchen, at home.


There are so many things to love in Eliana Mall and talk about, but I’m going to keep some secrets for now. Plus, I want to brings evidence for what I tell you. So get ready, I have so many lovely things prepared for you…💛


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